Why Marathon?

To many, running a marathon is unthinkable, painful, or simply crazy.  Why would anybody do it?  Good question.  The fact of the matter is lots of people run marathons.

An easy answer could be, because they feel like it.  But that is hardly satisfying.  Besides, you can’t just feel your way through a 26.2 miles race, unless you are masochistic.

I like the “Why” question.  Because its answers provide a purpose, a reason for applying one’s efforts, and a focus for the wondering mind.

So here are my answers. Marathon provides me a stretched goal.  I have to work hard for it.  In the process of doing so, I not only get to keep myself healthy but also socialize with a group of great friends.  What more can one asks?

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One Response to Why Marathon?

  1. It is forced meditation and prayer for me. I know I can run the 26.2 miles. Period. It’s not boasting, it’s a proven fact. If I am physically able, not even fit, even if my training isn’t ideal, I can still do it. That’s what everyone in the world should understand. It’s not the physical part that makes it so amazing as many believe (Heck, I don’t even want to do things that I like to do for FOUR HOURS) it’s the mental aspect that is what is the deal breaker for most.

    It’s the commitment and the mindset that won’t even allow the thought of giving up into your mental “panic room”. The solid steel doors slam down hard at letting any of that kind of thinking to come inside.

    I do it now as a way of forcing myself to be with God for a set time and really focusing on my blessings and to pray for others as I pledge, beg, and bargain with God for strength to finish the marathon. As I whine and complain, I get to remember how this physical discomfort (the marathon) is in stark contrast to the life that God has given me, He has blessed me with wonderful family, excellent friends, and a life that makes me realize with laser clarity that He loves all and cares for all, even a wretch like me….


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