Endless . . .

Back in July when I started the 20 week training schedule, there seems to be endless miles until the Marathon date.  Now at the beginning of the week 20, miles remaining is in single digits.  Where did all the miles go?  They have gone into my body, one step at a time.

Interesting enough, whenever I log into my email accounts, at home or work, my inbox is filled with endless emails.  What similar between my marathon training and emailing is the overwhelming feeling at the beginning of the journey. What different is the training schedule has a goal, an activity with a fixed end date whereas the email accounts don’t.

How can I turn the training effect, the productivity gain, and the results I get from the marathon training schedule into lessons learned for my email account management?

One word: GOAL

I need to read my email with a definitive goal.  The marathon training schedule helps me getting into marathon shape.  The email accounts are there to help me be informed of my progress toward a self chosen goal.

Without goals, reading the email would be akin to Sisphus pushing the rock up the hill every time, only to watch it roll back down over and over again.

Isn’t it time to stop wasting time with this precious life of ours and start to make it more meaningful.  Just like how the marathon training has done, one step at a time.

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