The Leisure Class – My Bucket List

I envy the leisure class.  Why?  They represent to me the role model for enjoying life.  And I don’t mean the mundane stuff like eating or drinking.  The leisure class appreciate the finesse of life.  They turn the mundane into art forms by investing the time to master them.

For example I have no idea why a Patek Phillippe watch costs million nor do I ever want one. Merely offering it as a proof that there are folks do.  Of course not every thing expensive is good.  Kinda like the blockbusters in the box office are not necessarily Oscar winners.  There is a difference.  The leisure class know the difference.

I am a leisure class want to be.  Want-to-be because I seem to have no time to devote to studying life.  Too busy living the life.  There is always responsibilities for me to take, things to fix, and bills to pay.  No time to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life.

Hence my bucket list.

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