Flash Mob – It’s a Good Thing

Flash mob, if you don’t know what it is, is a planned spontaneity. Sounds oxymoron.  It is.

Contrary to its title, a flash mob actually takes lots of planning and preparation (weeks or months).  Un-announced to the public, flash mob event happens in a few minutes.  Afterward, the mob disappears as quickly as it assembles, as if nothing has happened.

A few things about the flash mob that intrigue me.

One, it is a planned group effort. So imaging the coordination required.  Some of these events involves hundreds of people. Choreographed.  Rehearsed. So the effort is nothing easy.  Internet and social networking have made it more feasible.

And two, the effect is amazing. Spectators not realizing what was going on initially would get drawn into the event and leave with a nice memorable experience (from what I could tell).  In our way too busy daily life, the flesh mob represents a surprise gift that brightens our day.

How neat!

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