Leisure Running

My marathon training will start next Monday, on 28 July.  I have a mixed feeling about that.

The training program will be a 16 week kick-bud program.   Interspersed with speed intervals, tempo, and hill runs, the training will lead up to the marathon in November.  If trained properly, I will be in tip top shape and ready for the big M.

However, saying good bye to the off-season running will be difficult.  Because I enjoy the easy pace running.  Care free and leisure running.  Just opposite of the training to come.  I will take advantage of these last few days of leisure running as much as possible.

Today, Washington weather gets a break.  It is cooler.  I run to the Capital Hill, around the Congress, Supreme Court and back.  Five enjoyable miles with a nice gentle breeze and not to mention, city scenery along the way.

Very Nice!

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