My Training Starts On Monday (28 July 2013)

My 16 week training for the Potomac River Run starts tomorrow.  Instead of using the SRC schedule, I have come up with my own.  Why?

SRC is running the Las Vegas Marathon (same day as the Potomac River Run).  Its schedule is tailored to include travel.  Additionally, the SRC schedule is bit complicated to my taste.  Breaking from past years’ routines, it incorporates more mileages and challenging runs such as Yasso 800s, mile repeats, etc.  Quite ambitious.

I like to keep my training simple (e,g, rest days on the same day of the week and core training too).  The marathon will be a benchmark of my health, not a new height for me to scale.  That’s the reason why I am running the Potomac River Run.  So it stands to reason that I should have a training schedule to match.

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2 Responses to My Training Starts On Monday (28 July 2013)

  1. Thanks for posting your schedule. It’s really interesting to read, and I had a few questions, if you don’t mind? What do you do for your core training? And how long do you take to run five miles, on average?


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