What’s Worse Than a Cold Shower?

Call me a wimp but taking a cold shower on a frosty winter morning is not my thing.  Certainly not my preference if I have a choice.

It all started innocently enough.  Going to the gym, running on the treadmill, and taking a shower.  Pretty normal until I realized, butt naked in the shower, that the cold shower was not gonna get warm no matter how long I waited.

In my desperation, I was about to hijack another shower.  That was when the only other brave soul in the locker room broke the news to me, “there is No Hot Water.”  Errrrr!  Mr. Murphy was right, it had to be on the coldest day of the week . . .

I begrudgingly proceeded with a hybrid shower of sort, dry and speed cleaning.  At the same time consoling myself that at least I am not alone. On the way out, I decided to let the receptionist know about this shower situation. At least she can post a sign to warn others BEFORE they are committed.

The receptionist was already printing the sign (apparently the other guy just told her).  And the nice lady said, Yes, and “there are hot water in the upstairs locker room.”  That was when I felt bad.

Because I could have a choice.

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