Cold Running?

I am not one to complaint about running in the cold.  My typical answer is wear the right gears, and it will be fine.  But this morning is cold!

I ran 9 miles on the C&O Canal Tow Path.  The trail was full of snow with patches of icy spots.  Perfect for breaking one’s butt.  But I had my trail running shoes on.  I was ready.

My run started with temperature in the single digit (7 degree) and ended with 22 degree. In between I was actually pretty comfortable wearing a hat that I pulled down to cover my ears, a long sleeve running shirt with a wind breaker over it (just the right combo for light weight air insulation), a pair of gloves, finished with a long warm up pants.

My body generated plenty of heat from running to keep my core warm.  It was the before and afterward the run that were the killers.  Because of the icy patches, I had to cautiously walked around certain spots.  It took longer than normal for me to warm up.  And my fingers were starting to get cold.

After the run, I always get cold even in the warmer seasons.  Not enough body fat to keep me warm as I tell people.  The answer is to change out of the wet clothing as quickly as possible which I did not did not do.  Too busy cleaning the snow and ice off my car.

Time for some new gloves and ice scraper.

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