Pain & Perception

There is much wisdom in the blog post (Simplicity, Clarity, Beauty) by Gede Prama.  It presents a relationship between pain and how to deal with pain, something we all experience at one time or another.

Physical pain is real but our perception of it or emotional intelligence, as Dan Goleman called it, can affect how one to deal with such pain and the outcome from it.  Much to be learned from this mind-body connection.

Simplicity, Clarity, Beauty (by Gede Prama)
No one prays for illness. However, although people do not ask for sickness, many lives are painful. Especially because of the complicated interactions between physical pain and mental illness.

Dry Garden of Complexity

Hospitals and prisons are one of the honest mirror of what happened in certain place. The physical pain coupled with complicated mind, then make life more cloudy from day to day. That is why, both in hospitals and prisons the aura of sadness and hassle is like a dense smoke.

Parents who are sick is of course an unfortunate event. But suspecting neighbor to send black magic is the next calamity that will appear. Diagnosed to have cancer is another bad luck, but blaming husband, wife, parents, children is the following worse bad luck. Above all, complicated mind makes ones move away from clarity.

Armed with such insight, complexity, unclarity which are upstream of many psychiatric illnesses should be lightened by simplicity. As a matter of time, all physical body will be a subject of pain and disease. It is a natural law in the universe. But when people can see that pain is an opportunity to refine the soul, sick parent is an opportunity to repay their kindness, then disease and pain can be transformed into light. In the language of a writer: “Pain, the gift that nobody want”. In other words, pain is a blessing that is discarded by everyone. Without the courage to simplify like this, life can be a dry garden of complexity.

Simplicity and Beauty

Brandom Bays in her beautiful book “The Journey” is a charming example of simplicity. One day the stomach of this woman was getting bigger and bigger. A doctor then diagnosed her of having a basketball sized of tumor. If this happened to a complicated mind, the emergence of disease will be followed by another worsening problems.

However, Brandom Bays was calm in the front of this tragedy. Equipped by simplicity in mind, this best-selling author then turned inward, learning to listen to the intelligence that available within (inner genius). Initially, she was also attacked by complexity, but she did not allow complexity to stay long. Contacting her husband, close friends, alternative healing treatments were the following steps. But the main guide is the inner genius. Under the light of this inner genius, Brandom Bays integrated alternative treatments (such as massage ) with deep meditation.

In the depths of meditation she found, there is an infinite intelligence inside. Protest, sadness, inability to forgive is a pile of mud that covered the infinite intelligence. That’s the reason why body fails to heal itself. Read carefully one of Brandom Bays’s inner discovery: “why would I seek love from others when I’d realized I am love ?”. This is the beauty of simplicity, the disease was turned into light, then the light brings a deep understanding that we are love. And at the peak of the journey, a basketball sized of tumor was gone completely.

The Ultimate Healing

Brandom Bays’s story is an old story that is packed in a more up to date way. Do not talk about the ordinary people, even the soul of prophets were cured by pain and suffering. This explains why Jesus was crucified, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were shot, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. The message is simple, pain and suffering are marvellous torch.

Borrowing the classical psychology of Sigmund Freud, the main source of pain and suffering is the darkness of unconsciousness. That is why, many people do not want to be angry or bad mood, but the anger and bad mood come again and again. All do not want any pain, but pain still visit many lives. And through the deep meditation that try to “accept, flow, smile” – this was also done by Brandom Bays – one learns to provide opportunity for higher consciousness to illuminate the darkness of unconsciousness.

When the unconsciousness is lightened by higher consciousness, then the infinite intelligence radiating from within. In the stories of physical healing, it makes the immune system perfect then enables the body heal itself. In psychological healing stories, inner darkness is illuminated. When inner darkness is illuminated, then one can see that everything has its own nature and law. Waste is in the process of becoming flowers, flowers are in the process of being waste. Everything is the flow of the same energy. Accept, flow, smile, that’s the main source of healing. At the same time, this is also ultimate healing.

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