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Blog of Interests

It kills me every time when I stare at a blank computer screen and try to write a blog post.  What should I write? Something interesting . . . at least to me. Well, easier said than done.  Because, inspiration … Continue reading

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Maybe it is a mindset,  when I need something, when I expect something, that something would not come.  No matter how hard I try.  In fact, the harder I try the farther it seems. Something common, not fancy.  How about … Continue reading

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The Runners

Originally posted on Jordan Chavez: This is why I love the running community

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Ode to Winter Training

It snowed (again) today.  And some more is in the forecast for tomorrow. Even though I am off season (not training for spring marathon),  I can’t help but feel for those who are.  In this weather! One year, I did my … Continue reading

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Seasons of Life

Our life follows the seasons of the year: Spring – it is our childhood, full of energy and hope, life is filled with promises Summer- adolescence, full of emotions and dreams, only sky is the limit; Autumn – golden age … Continue reading

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We Choose Our Fate

We can’t choose where, when, or how we were born.  Beyond that, for the most part, we choose our fate.  Where to live, how to live, what to do, etc.  Sure, we don’t always reach our dreams but that should … Continue reading

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A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The digital age introduced unlimited data.  Unlimited because more are being generated than consumed. In this context, more is not necessary better.  More is just more. People are talking about Big Data.  But without analytic, the Big Data remains beyond … Continue reading

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Dance As If No One Is Watching

I enjoy watching this video. Everything is together. The music, her moves, camera angle, everything. And mostly, how she enjoys herself.

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Writing as Catharsis

Especially, free stream of conscious writing.  It is like meditation on paper. Dump everything, and I mean everything, thoughts, ideas, worries, news, everything, on paper.  Cleansing the mind, if you will.  No inhibition, no worry, just write.  Keep writing. Capture … Continue reading

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Grace of an Olympic Champion

Just watched Yuna Kim’s Olympic Lady’s Short Program in Sochi Russia.  What a true Champion.  She made it look easy.

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