How to Cultivate Social Media Relationships (Outside of Social Media)

Very useful advise. I am sure Stephanie got more to share if space allowed. Or may be I am speaking for my own wish.

The Comm Entrepreneur

cultivate2 Social media has forever changed the way we connect and communicate with people all across the globe. I’m always amazed to see the many various states – and countries – in which my followers reside. There’s no question that social media has fostered relationships that simply wouldn’t exist without this technology. Although social media helps to make communication easy and automated, there’s one very important aspect of relationship building that we must never put on autopilot or take for granted.

To cultivate meaningful (as well as beneficial) social media relationships, we must continue to build this connection outside of social media alone. Here are four important practices to help you foster your relationships and make yourself more than just an avatar.

Make it one-on-one

Following or friending a contact is only the first step, yet so many of us stop there and think we’ve built a meaningful relationship with someone…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog! You’re right, I would love to have offered even more advice, but I didn’t want to stretch the first blog post on this topic too long. There will be much more to come in the future. Thanks for following along!


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