Transition? What Transition?

Who pays attention to transition (other than our high school English teacher)?

In her post Transition to Now, Elysha Lenkin gave us an insightful look on this critical but  often overlooked step called transition. She gave examples of transition between yoga movements and between present and destination.

Transition is important.  It is not only the high note (or notes for that matter) but also the pauses between notes that make up the melody.  People who handle transition well look graceful.  It marks the difference between amateur and professional.

Transition makes our experiences real and bridges the gap between ideal and reality. It gives the full experience that only people have been there and done that can relate and appreciate.

Moreover, transition is the finer details that make up life. Of course transition can not replace the destination. But without transition, it is like watching a movie or reading a novel and missing the true challenge, or as Sirena Tales puts it, the opportunity for grace and artistry .

Mindful of the transition and you are half way there to your destination.

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3 Responses to Transition? What Transition?

  1. So true that people who handle transition well look graceful. It’s actually a great testing ground to see who we really are. Thanks for the mention.


  2. SirenaTales says:

    Ah, transition…the pauses between the notes, where all of the art and possibility lie. If we can just relax a little more with the “betweenness,” we may be able to reap some of the many treasures it offers. Thanks for the reminder and the mention. Avanti!


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