Are You a Closet Introvert?

A “closet introvert” is someone who appears extrovert (i.e. outgoing, people oriented) but is actually the opposite.

I am a closet introvert.  

By all accounts, I appear to be extrovert.  I am sociable, people oriented, enjoy leadership role, etc.  In fact, I even have myself convinced for a long time that I am one.  

You see, in my professional life, I learned that people skills are important in the working world insofar as making connection with others and achieving results.  I work on developing my people skills to help me being a good manager.  Skills such as learning people’s names, their preferences, etc.  

The “coming out” is a gradual process.  First, the Meyer-Briggs Type Indicatior (MBTI), the definitive measure of personality type, has me pegged as a borderline between introvert and extrovert.  And the older I get the more reflective I have become.  I realize that my extrovert skills are acquired to survive.  Not my real preferences.

If given a choice, I would prefer to be by myself at the end of the day.  Enjoy a moment of peace and quietness to recharge my battery.  On a crowded bus, I would take the end of the bench instead of the middle, so I can get away easier.

Our society favors extroverts.  My professional appearance is a case in point.  I wonder how many are closest introverts like me and just don’t know it.

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