What’s Really Important?

Knowing what’s important in your daily life is important.  Because it says you got your priorities figured out, you knew what you are doing, you got it all together.  So says the conventional wisdom.

But I yearn for the days when I am not driven by priorities, I wake up when I am rested, I immerse myself in what is coming and just be in the moment. I need not wrecking my brain to figure it out if something or someone is important than the next thing or person.

Sure, there is a gap between dream and reality.  I got that.  Until I can close that gap, I will stay true to my heart and my brain as best as I can.

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3 Responses to What’s Really Important?

  1. yogaseema says:

    Usually most things aren’t important in the grand scheme of things, we make them bigger than they need to be. I think it’s good to have priorities but be flexible too, cause usually things change.


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