What Does Blogging Do For Me?

There are many benefits of blogging.  Here are a few:

  1. It allows me to express my thoughts and opinions at my own choosing (i.e. time, subject, etc.).  Freedom of expression is at my finger tips and such an exhilarating feeling.
  2. It documents my marathon training (in season) and my life otherwise (off season).  It has been said (by Franklin Covey Style Guide) that “thought does not survive well or long purely as brainwaves.”  Brilliant idea will evaporate.  Quicker the older I get.  Blogging captures those thoughts in words.
  3. It connects me with others through online sharing and interactions.  The reach of internet puts me in touch with the world over.  I read people’s blogs from Australia, Japan, New York, etc.  I get a glimpse of people’s world through their blogs.
  4. It provides a daily reflection on what is going on with my life or the lives around me.  No matter how my day goes, I have a moment to pause everyday.  Think about my day.
  5. It gives me a platform for my voice to be heard.  Similar to #1 above but more purposeful and focused in my messaging to outside world, if and when I want to influence the world.

To be continued.


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One Response to What Does Blogging Do For Me?

  1. yogaseema says:

    Ditto! Thanks for sharing!


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