Mastering the High Tech – High Touch Paradigm

Day 3 Week 1 schedule 3 miles.

The weather was so beautiful. My run this morning was my catharsis. I was energized and ready to work after my run.

Speaking of work, some call Naisbitt’s “High Tech – High Touch” a dichotomy.  You know instead of letting work support our other pursuits such as family, hobbies, passion, that work, especially with the digital technology, becomes our lives.

Do you check your work email from home? Sacrifice family time to get get ready for meeting the next day? Why?  Because you can? or because you want to? or must?  Understand sometimes it is unavoidable due to deadline, priority, and because work pays the bills. But ask yourself, do you work to live or live to work?

Hands down that our “big rocks” in life are relationship, health, service, etc.  No one on their deathbeds would miss doing more work. Recognizing the technology allows us to be connected 24 x 7.  Be smart about it and make technology our friend.  Establishing a win-win relationship with technology, so you can live your dream.

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