Running Is A Solo Sport

Even in the midst of a major marathon such as Boston, New York City, or Chicago, with sea of runners at the starting line, it is one runner’s journey to finishing the race.

How warm will the weather get?  What will the hill feel like? etc.  All these variables dangle in one’s mind.  And the only perspective matters is mine.  How do I feel?  Am I ready?  Will I achieve PR?

Running is a solo sport.

Yes, I get inspirations from other runners.  Some serve as targets for me to catch, others my pace group buddies, and the elite runners are always awesome to cheer on.  However to cross the finish line, there is no one can put my one foot in front the other but me.

Spectators try to help.  “Looking good” they say. “Almost there” they say.  Bless their hearts. But that is not necessarily how I feel.  And I am sure not theirs either if they were in my shoes.

Running is a solo sport.

Don’t get me wrong,  Running can be a common event or shared experience.  The spectators and other runners do make the event fun and memorable.  But at the end, the time on the finishing clock is yours.  No one can run it for you.


Day 7 Week 5 | 6 miles


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