Marathon Training for the Mind

Hello? Is there anyone home?

It has been a while since I reflected on my blog and how it benefited me.  Where have I been?  Oh yes, I have been busy training for the Wineglass marathon in the past months.

As my body slims down with the daily marathon training, my mind tags along for mundane tasks such as reminding myself don’t forget to breath, count your steps, how many miles am I supposed to run. 

I am not joking.  Just think, there are others out there doing similar tasks with their minds.  It is mind boggling.  I am okay with this thought and not complaining.  But for me and just to be safe, I blog.

You see, daily blog posting is the equivalent marathon training for my mind.  I want to improve my writing just like my goal for running.  Maybe  one day I would write a novel of War and Peace length.  Kinda like a marathon of the mind? Maybe some day, not now.  I got a marathon to run.

Day 6 Week 19 | rest

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