Human Connections With Your Brand Through Social Media

The author Andreas Laspadakis argued that for the brand to be real and engaging, the product or service has to be more aligned with people’s needs via closer interaction between the provider and consumers through social media/ marketing.

Very legit concept.  The question is How?  How to leverage the social media to develop one’s brand?

Laspadakis suggested that social media has the following advantages (over traditional printed media):

  • speed /spontaneous interaction
  • authenticity of the information shared
  • common interests lead to creation and development of online communities

With the social media, potential abound and sky is the limit. Fundamentally, Laspadakis recommended that “brands need to be more human, more real and more inspiring.”  And businesses “need to learn what your customers really want, listen to what they’re after and then be responsive to their needs.”

Sage advise.

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