Emotional Roller Coaster of Marathon

The emotional roller coaster before, during and after a marathon pales any amusement park rides.

Before the Marathon – the crescendo of nervousness energy leading to a marathon starts several weeks before.  From the tapering two weeks to the day before at the Expo bib pick up, it is psychological torturing.  All the thoughts, sights compete the suspense of any movie.  Will I be ready? will the weather cooperate? will the . . .  All the unknowns.

During the Marathon – on race day, the excitement at the starting line, vibes from other runners, and the anxiousness to get going resemble a tightly wounded spring.   Unfortunately it does not last the whole race.  After the gun goes off and somewhere alone the way, the excitement cash in and in return are the doubts and negative thoughts. The dreadful question of “Why am I doing this?” or “Will I finish?” is legendary.  But somehow runners muster enough courage to cross the finishing line.

After the Marathon – regardless the outcome, a general sense of relief that the race is over.  Exhausted from the 26.2 miles, just the act of finishing a marathon is an accomplishment.  The volunteers at the finishing line are the runners’ best friends. They provide needed assistance to every weary body.  If one hits PR the recover will feel sweet.  Because it is so worth it.  Otherwise it is a painful, slow process.

It has been a week since my Wineglass Marathon.  I am slowly getting ready to run again.  The recuperation is physical, mental, and emotional.

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2 Responses to Emotional Roller Coaster of Marathon

  1. WalkToRio says:

    You summoned it all nicely.
    Glad to read you are getting ready to hit the road again.


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