What “About Me”

When visiting a blog, I make a point to look for the “about” or “about me” posting.  It is the button usually next to the “home” button.  You see it?

What so special about this posting you maybe wondering?  The “about me” post usually contains a little bit more information about the person(s) behind the blog.  And I like that.

To me, this extra touch humanizes the blog and putting things in context.  Like I am actually meeting with a real person.  It allows me to better appreciate the postings and perhaps a deeper understanding of the message.

If you don’t get that from my “about” post, leave me a comment.  I love to get feedback.

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2 Responses to What “About Me”

  1. WalkToRio says:

    Your “about” page describes briefly but clear what your blog is about.
    It works!


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