Marine Corps Marathon

The 39th Marine Corps Marathon is this Sunday.  Even though I am not running this year, it is the marathon that I have run the most (four times).

Known as the People’s Marathon, the race has a popularity that draws  a huge crowd (30,000 entries this year).  And not to worry. There are plenty of marines and volunteers on hand to support the runners.

The course covers some of the most popular landmarks in Washington: Pentagon, Georgetown, Capital, Arlington cemetery, Smithonian, MLK and FDR Memorials, just to name a few.  It offers runners a scenic 26.2 miles along the National Mall, George Washington Parkway, and East Potomac Park.

The race is open to anyone age 14 or older.  No qualification required.  Hence, the title People’s Marathon.  That is the fun part. You will see all kinds of runners, all sizes and shapes:  a juggler who juggles the entire 26.2 miles.  Flag carriers, tutu runners, celebrities, average Joe’s.  You name it.

The weather forecast for Sunday is sunny and 70 degree.  May be a tad warm for the runners but perfect for the spectators.  Wish all the MCM participants a great race. Oorah!

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