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Update On My Running

None. Yes, that is correct.  Have not been running while taking a break to rest my heel and the nagging plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciiatis is a common problem for runners.  For those are not familiar with it, lucky you.  It … Continue reading

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On Being Free

Freedom is good.  What does that freedom mean?  Free from what? Well, for the sake of discussion, let’s see how about free from rules, commitments, or fears?  These three represent three levels of burden, if you will, to being free. … Continue reading

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My Roach Experience

I don’t like cockroaches.  In fact, I despise cockroaches.  Why? While as a young child, my family was having a Spring Cleaning.  I saw a roach running for cover and was coming straight at me.  Panicked, I froze in place.  The … Continue reading

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Take Time To Prepare

Luck favors those who prepared.  Heard that saying?  It is so true.  Often we say, wow that person is so lucky.  What we don’t see is the preparation that gone into the effort. Life’s opportunity only comes knocking once in … Continue reading

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Time Management 201

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Black Friday, the traditional kick-off of the holiday shopping season is the day after.  Every year, around this time I feel weird as I if I am in a twilight zone.  Time start to fly.  The whole … Continue reading

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Title Search

I am looking for a new title.  Not the Doctor, President, or King sort.  Allow me to explain. After working for someone my entire career, I am transition into something new next year.  I will be my own boss.  And … Continue reading

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The Heart Of The Matter

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  – Maya Angelou Wise words from a wise lady. You may hear what people said (words).  You may … Continue reading

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Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Hold on to your answer (until the end of  this posting). Some would say it depends as people complain about life while others dream about it. What is the answer? When we were young life is black and white.  There … Continue reading

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Little Things Matter

Often heard advise, “don’t sweat the details,”  “keep an eye on the big picture,” etc.  I have always been a big picture person, advises like these work particularly well for my taste.  That is until now. The lesson I come … Continue reading

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Being Real

Being real usually refer to self: true to one’s values, authentic to one’s beliefs, etc. Being real however has also a larger context which is how one carries self when dealing with the external reality. The external reality is not … Continue reading

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