Stretched Goals Made Possible

It is never too late .  .  .  as long as the goal is set appropriately.

People take the path of least resistance.  Who would want stretched goals?  The answer is we all do.  Stretched goals allow us to grow, to avoid boredom, and to achieve things we would otherwise pass.

To set appropriate stretched goals, first and foremost is to understand where we are. Only then can the stretched goals be set.  Too much would be challenging and too little would be dismissed as not challenging enough.  Losing twenty pounds may be impossible.  Losing two pounds may be nothing.

Stretched goals or goals in general need to be time bound for them to be effective.  So instead of saying lose 5 pounds, it’s better to say lose 5 pounds by end of the month for example.

So what are some of your stretched goals?

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One Response to Stretched Goals Made Possible

  1. WalkToRio says:

    You know what my stretched goal is, but to get there I need to set easy to achieve goals on the way. Just to stay motivated.
    Have a great day!


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