Want It Quick?

No time to wait?  Want it now? yesterday?  Hold on, buddy.  Just hold on for a second. Time is precious, true .. true .. and true.  No argument there.  Just beware of the old adage, want it bad, get it bad.

We are in a fast food culture. No time to waste.  Faster search engine, bigger bandwidth, it is easy to get drunk on speed.  But there are certain things that cannot be rushed.  Creativity, love, and training for a marathon.  Just to name a few.

In fact, how and how much we allocate our time indicate our priorities.  There is no short cuts.  Despite what you may have been led to believe.  Get rich quick, lose weight in no time, etc. just don’t work.   All garbage!  If you really want something invest the time.

Understand the desire of wanting it quick.  Just want to give it an equal time on reality check.



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One Response to Want It Quick?

  1. Feminine and Feline says:

    Everything feels so much better when it is earned and not handed to you. I completely agree with your post.


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