Confession of a Dinosaur

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I am a dinosaur when it comes to cell phone.  Don’t laugh.  I did not know the difference between wifi and data plans.  And I did not get a personal cell phone until recently.

I do have an office cell phone.  It is for “official business.”  And I never had to worry about which plan I am using, let alone roaming or not.  It is all covered.

Even when accidentally dropped and crack the phone, I got a replacement.  Such a deal! The downside is that only approved applications allowed on the cell phone.  No personal download.  Nada.

So when I activated my phone today, It was an Alice in Wonderland experience.  Just installing the SIM card took some efforts but I finally got it to work.

Yes, I knew there are lots of features with this Smartphone, probably smarter than what I know or can do.  But even the dinosaur got to take that first step.

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