Sleepless In Wherever

Never watched the movie Sleepless in Seattle.  But I sure felt like I can be the leading man for that movie.  I rarely slept through the nights nowadays.

It is not that I am a light sleeper.  Oh no.  Once I am gone it is lights out Washington. I am the type who falls asleep before the airplane takes off and wakes up when flight attendants are serving drinks.  How nice, right?

It is that waking up part that is the problem.  When wake up in the middle of the night, I go about a kitchen raid.  This is when the worst part of me comes out: emotional hunger (oppose to physical hunger), binge eating, and howling all night.  Okay, not the howling part.

Generally, my mind is cleared after the food, and I am able to go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, this werewolf sleep pattern can take its toll.   After a bad night, for instance, I would be tired the next day.  Not alert and not particularly motivated. Probably look as much as you can imaging.  All because I am having trouble sleeping the night before.

On top of that, my worst nightmare is waking up middle of the night in a hotel room. There is no food.

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