Being Real

Being real usually refer to self: true to one’s values, authentic to one’s beliefs, etc. Being real however has also a larger context which is how one carries self when dealing with the external reality.

The external reality is not always in sync with self.  Time waits for no one.  Season shifts at own rhythm. And yes there are other people who have their own selves, how dare them!

How then does one adapt to this ever changing environment without losing oneself?  Well, it is important to have the inner peace because that will drive the options of the external strategy.

Assuming for the moment that the inner part is taken care of.  The external strategies have two categories: routine or creative.

By routine, people feel comfortable following established process/ procedures.  Getting up at the regular time, following the same route to places are all examples of routine.  It is known and of little risk.  Routine provides comfort and security.

The creative strategy, on the other hand, is taking risk to explore opportunities that deviate from the norm.  Inventions, new products, are cases in point of creative.  It is new, different, and perhaps exciting.

The two strategies may sound exclusive but in actuality they complement each other. By being creative one discover options and gain insights.  From embracing the opportunity, learning from it, and internalizing to make it one’s own, the creative part can be adopted to become part of the norm.  In other words, internalized into one’s routine.

It is through balancing the internal and external, one can truly be being real.

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4 Responses to Being Real

  1. Jan De La Force says:

    You’ve got very good pointers; but how about those people who use ‘keeping it real’ as an excuse for their behavior?


    • terryshen says:

      Thank you Jandelaforce for your comment.

      For those people who use ‘keeping it real’ as an excuse for their behavior, they are not being honest, to themselves nor others. A good example of the opposite of being real.

      And guess what? It does not take long for others to figure them out.


      • Jan De La Force says:

        Indeed, you’re right! 😀 It’s just I’ve been hearing that line — keeping it real — too often in reality shows… and it drives me nuts listening to these people making petty excuses. They recycle this line, putting the mix in their favor.


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