Take Time To Prepare

Luck favors those who prepared.  Heard that saying?  It is so true.  Often we say, wow that person is so lucky.  What we don’t see is the preparation that gone into the effort.

Life’s opportunity only comes knocking once in a while.  If not ready, the rest is history. So while able, prepare yourself.  Read, study, exercise, train or whatever is needed to get you closer to your goal.

When life throws you a curve ball (and it will), preparation is the secret weapon.  By being prepared, you can prevent mistakes, mitigate risk of surprises, and enhance your probability of success.

So what are some examples of preparation?  check tire pressure including the spare before a road trip, exercise regularly and eat well to sustain sound health, stay in touch with key relationship.  These all may sound trivial but they will make you being prepared.

Preparation separates the winner from the losers.

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