23 Days To Christmas

Are we there yet?

Each year around this point, after the Thanksgiving leftovers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, time start going warp speed.  Holidays and vacations fill the downtime as well as the December calendar.  Seasonal parties, musics and sales are the dominant themes.

What is Santa bringing me this year?

Life’s normalcy appears to hold.  At least for now.  Give it another week or two.  People will all of a sudden become nicer and merrier.  They will even greet strangers with a word or two. Maybe it’s the alcohols from the parties or the jingles in the air.  But it does not matter.  No one really cares.

It’s going to be something really good!

Congress is again trying to avoid a government shutdown. They have not done much during the year.  Can they do anything to save their own jobs?  The President is trying to make friends with the other Party.  Everybody else is trying to forgive and forget how bad a job (and consequently a year) they have managed thus far.

23 more days to Christmas!




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