Why Am I Running Marathon?

I was once asked the question:  does one get slower as one ages?  Not sure what prompted the person to ask.  Maybe it was the shorts I was wearing?  Certainly not my good look.

Claiming no authority on this subject, I do know it has been the case for me.  I qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2007 and ran it in 2008.  Have not been able to come close to my qualifying time of 3 hour 30 minute since.

Although getting older each year, I am not convinced that is what’s holding me back. Rather, I would like to think it has more to do with my getting focused away from running.  You see when I was trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I had a single focus on running faster.

That was the purpose which motivated me. Day in and day out.  That same purpose or intensity is no longer there (although I trained pretty hard and put in more miles for the Wineglass Marathon this year).

Could I qualify again?  I would like to believe that Yes I can.  I know what it takes.  The challenge is if I can commit to making it my top priority and train accordingly.

Until then, why am I running?  what is my running goal?

The answer is that I run marathon to stay in shape.  There is no short cut to running a marathon.  There is no wishful thinking.  And there is no substitute for the 26.2 miles, no matter how much I wish.

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