Why I am a Thinker

Not meant to brag.  I like to process information, analyze them, pros and cons or whatever, before spit them back out.  I do so because it is my personality, my learned behavior, and my value system.  Like it or not.

I have an introvert preference according to the Myer-Briggs.  My favorite world is inside. That is where I get my energy.  And I process some deepest thoughts in private.  That is why I like the long run.  It gives me a opportunity to think and sort out my thoughts.

Nothing against of being spontaneous, it just that has not worked me.  I have learned through school of hard knocks and social faux pas like asking a woman if she is pregnant.  Rather than being perceived as insensitive, sexist, or politically incorrect, it is best for me to not say whatever comes into my mind.

In addition to my personality and learned behavior, I think first because I believe in value creation.  If I can not add value to the conversation at hand might as well be quiet.  There are enough talking heads around.  Besides, by listening, I can think about what insight I can provide that may be useful.

So I prefer to provide thoughtful comments or measured responses, usually.  Not because I am a career attorney but because of who I am.

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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