Seeking Enlightenment

I am a seeker of truth.  Please show me rather than tell me.  And I will endeavor to understand.

This is a spiritual pursue for me rather than a mental exercise.  My goal is to understand the meaning/purpose stemming from self interest and beyond.  This is a long journey as there are many layers of meaning as there are life roles.

Case in point: took my son to college, the same campus that I once walked and lived.  But it had a different meaning now.  No longer a student, I was there as a student parent.  The juxtaposition of my role and the campus community had a very different interpretations and meanings.

I may never get to enlightenment.   It took Buddha six years, and I know I am no Buddha.

One experience however did come close.  It was the moment when I decided to marry my girlfriend, now my wife.  I caught myself thinking of her and that thought brought a smile to my face. With absolutely clarity I knew right there and then that she is the one that I want to spent my life with.  That was a enlightenment moment.

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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