Is Mind-Body Connection A Given?

Mind-Body Connection, I like the term.  It has a nice ring and gives an impression that we are with it.  That the mind and body are working together in harmony.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Often we go through our daily routines in autopilot.  Same route to school, work, or wherever.  Same people, process, etc.  It is amazing that how much our bodies go through the motion with little or no mind.

Then there are times when we want specific outcomes so badly, we try too hard and fail to reach what we envisioned.  Or we fantasize about things such as winning the Mega-million lottery ticket we just bought that our mind is out of touch with reality.

So when & how do we actually experience a mind-body connection?

It is when a deliberate and conscious act takes place.  We are in a state of alignment with our surroundings, body, and desired state.   And we put forth the efforts to make it happen.   In short, a real mindful engagement.  Does this happen naturally? Or often?

Easier said than done.

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