Dave The Tactful Office Facilitator

In my line of work, I come in contact with many people daily.  Certain people just rub the wrong way while others the opposite.

I will focus on the positive case when the relationship clicks.  The individuals hit it off due to compatible personalities, family or educational backgrounds, hobbies, or whatever. Dave in my office is one of such persons.

What first caught my attention about Dave (when he first joined) is his calm demeanor. Dave is a few years to my senior and has a knack of describing details in a storytelling way.  I would describe his style as methodical, descriptive and easy to follow.

As our relationship develops, I notice that Dave often uses spousal conflict as the theme and himself as the punch line or butt of the joke, in the most appropriate manner.  Being married myself, I certainly can relate to the jokes and appreciate Dave’s self deprecating humor.

What makes Dave most likable is his ability to balance business conversations with off handed humors.  Often just-in-time to relieve the work tensions.  This is particularly valuable when the stress is high.  Who does not appreciate a bit of comedy reliefs in the pressure cooker work environment.

You know someone like Dave?

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