The Sky Is The Limit

The world is full of possibilities, wonders, and surprises.  Especially, with the advent of the computer and the internet, these tools provide us a rich source and supplies us with front row seats to what is happening around the world.

No question that we are better off thanks to the technological advancement. Smartphone at our fingertips.  It is almost a birth right to have the world as our oysters. And we are talking about all these came about within the last few decades.

What then will be technology take us?  Many of the gizmo from science fiction of the Star Trek era are realities.  Examples like the personal communicator (cell phone), face-to-face telecommunication (Skype), and self guided vehicle (Google car) are no longer in the scifi writers’ lexicons.

What the future holds is therefore limited only to our own imaginations.  With technology as our aid, human innovation and ingenuity will continue to fuel the development our next frontier.

On the cusp of the coming new year, it is without a doubt that the sky is the limit.

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