“Be Normal”

When entering into a new situation or group, the conventional wisdom says one needs to be “normal.”  By normal, it means be like others and do what others do. The idea, of course, is to fit in, be accepted, and not stand out as an “odd ball” or abnormal.

Not a difficult concept.  Generally, we learned it as part of our socialization and do our best to be “normal.”

But if one can’t be him or herself and must subordinating to the prevailing norm, the choice may become more difficult.  Ask anyone who has been in a minority position whether it’s a matter of taste, choice, or preference.

In fact, there could be enough gaps between the individual and the prevailing norm that it is impossible to be normal (according to others).  What then?  Marching to one’s own drummer?  Be normal self or others?

No ready answer here.  What would you do?



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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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