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What’s In A Title?

I am looking for a new title.  Yup. Not the Sir, King, or the sort.  But a title that I can label myself, now that I am retired. For 32 years, I wore the title of a Civil Servant and … Continue reading

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Raised by Violence.

Thought provoking piece, Rebecca. Nature versus nurture is a classic debate that always begs our considerations. And society benefits from such debates. Whether it is leniency or justice, we are collectively involved. Thank you for sharing.

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How Much Information Is Enough?

“Knowing just enough to be dangerous.”  A common phrase that is used to implied that one can do more harm than good when acting only on partial knowledge/ information. However, as we know that the world is not perfect.  And … Continue reading

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January Monthly Review

January ends in three days.  Not only this marks the first month in 2015 but also one month under my belt as a retiree.  I thought it would be appropriate to pause and reflect on my 2015 To Do list. While … Continue reading

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When To Work For Free?

Nothing is for free.  We all know that.  Particularly in business, every penny counts.  So when is it appropriate to offer “free” service or product? The answer is when you can get tangible benefits from giving freebies.  Linda Finkle explains … Continue reading

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Be More Generous: Here’s How To Do It Now | elysha lenkin

Often generosity is equated to material wealth.  Elysha Lenkin’s post below reminds me how far from the truth that assumption can be.  Click on the link for more details. You Don’t Need Lots Of Cash To Be More Generous: Here’s … Continue reading

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Free At Last

  My kids are back to college from the winter break finally.  And life is getting back to “normal.”   Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing them over the break, and their company (including their friends) makes the house … Continue reading

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The Human Experience

  Visualize a tapestry full of colors.  As colorful as the eyes can discern.  And more.  The tapestry represents our human experiences.  And the color pallets that made up this tapestry are our emotions, from pain and suffering to bliss … Continue reading

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It Is a Winter Wonderland

Just when the snow on my front steps has melted, here is another warning of more snow to come. Frankly, the city looks kind of pretty with the blanket of snow covering the trees, sidewalks, and buildings. But I am … Continue reading

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Why Thing Takes Off

What is the best way to get the words out in this digital avalanche world we live in?  The best way believe it or not, is not digital online marketing but the good old fashion human touch. Surprised? According to … Continue reading

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