The Downside of Digital Projects | My Comments

Julia Schwietert Collazo who is a professional writer posted an article about digital content, more specifically the risk of it.  Full text in the link below:

The Downside of Digital Projects | Cuaderno Inedito.

My comments are included in the link and paraphrased here.

I liked Julia’s posting.  It illustrated real world challenges that digital media has brought and something many of us would have to deal with.  Namely, the entitlement to one’s creative content.

Assuming the content is original, I have complete faith that the work belongs to the creator, and U.S. laws will protect that rights (i.e. copyrights).  Having said that, the creators have to exercise due diligence in protecting their creative work, and not relying on others to do so.  No body else would have better interest in you than your own.

Internet, social media, apps are all examples of disruptive technologies.  They come along and change the ways we do business.  As participants, we like the convenience of these technologies because their power of reaching so many eyeballs.  But we need to understand the downside of them as well (as Julia pointed out).

Keeping pace with the market is not necessarily our first love.  But it is a necessity in today’s information age.  Better to get smart and stay ahead or let something bad happen to one’s creative work.  Then it’s too late!

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