My Meditation Practice

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Meditation conditions the mind.  Calms it down.  And when possible,  observe what is going on in the mind, what is important, or one’s feeling towards these causes.

I am by any stretch not a meditation expert.  In fact, I barely qualify as a meditation student. I meditate sporadically,  sometimes in the car during commuting (I know that sounds scary), sometimes in yoga, etc.

But I do like the practice of meditation.  It gives me a sense of control, attempting to control the seemingly uncontrollable mind.  It is all too easy to be carried away by stimuli in our daily life such as phone ring, text message, television, etc.

Sunday morning is my preferred time of meditation.  I center myself through meditation for about an hour.  It does a world of good for the rest of the day and week.  I know meditation experts like the Dalai Lama meditates four to five hours a day.  My goal is an hour.

Here are my process:

Focusing on my posture while relying on my breath as a guide. I align my cranium from my tail bone for the “correct” posture, by that I mean erect but not rigid torso from top of my cranium to my tailbone.

Focusing on my breathing.  To let it go until my breath flows naturally without intervention on my part.  When the breath becomes effortless and indistinguishable, my mind is calm.  This step can take 15 to 20 minutes depend on my frame of mind at the time.

Focusing my mind on integrating myself with my environment.  That could be my family, community, work, etc.  I suppose ultimately the Universe.  But for now, the purpose of my existence and what are valuable and meaningful to me.

When complete, I always feel better “put together,” more in control of myself through the mind-body connection.  And by extension, I feel good about my environment and my future.  Sort of like carrying my own weather.

Do you meditate?

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4 Responses to My Meditation Practice

  1. Allee says:

    I had done some meditating years ago when I began looking for other holistic ways of treating my severe migraines but now I meditate every day since I began working with a life coach who has helped me better my mentality, spirituality and happiness. Honest guys on does a guided meditation and visualization meditation and they are wonderful. I can sit there for about an hour and think of absolutely NOTHING.


  2. WalkToRio says:

    I’ve been trying to get into it again. But having a dog around makes it really hard.


    • terryshen says:

      That, Leo, is what I called extra challenge. If you can manage to detach yourself from your body (i.e. observing yourself meditating), I wonder if your dog would just give up and leave you alone?


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