What Do I Value?

Value is subjective, different to everyone.  The values one holds say much about the individual, personality, beliefs, upbringing, etc.  So what do I value?

My values , I believe, are not all that different from others.  Basic values such as food, shelter, family, friends, etc. are common.  What may define me from others are my spiritual values, values that I judge not only as the most important but also the one beyond self interest.

For me that spiritual value is “contribution.”  By that I mean contributing to others from providing value added services.  Looking back my 32 years of government service, I feel good about my chosen profession. It represents what I believe and an opportunity to contribute my service with a purpose.

Now retired from public sector, I am ready  to contribute in other ways.  What may those be?

Stay tune.


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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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