Marathoners’ Pain

Their facial expressions tell it all.  Grit, determination, pain, exhaustion are all on display at finish line of any marathons.  Human drama in action indeed.

Pain and fear of pain are common experience for marathoners.  Let’s face it who in their right mind would run 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers in one sitting. Even the world record marathoners would have to endure more than two hours of straight running.  Let alone the average pace in the four to five hour duration.

The scale of distance and time challenges our human limitations.  Limitations that no average folks would attempt or even want to attempt.  Pushing beyond these limits set marathoners apart from other runners.  Their training runs make them a regular in facing their limitations and running to the edge.

The pain and fear of pain may be common for marathoners.  That common experience does not qualify the them for any special exemptions to the pain and suffering, only better students in these human endeavors.

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