Go Ahead And Call Me Doctor S

I think I should be a psychologist. Besides having a nice title of doctor to go with my name, which would surely make me sound smarter, it also fits a long term passion of mine.

This passion is none other than I like to watch people.  You know like in a crowded shopping mall.  Me on a bench just checking people out.  Who are they? What do they do (for living)? why do they dress this way? I could sat there  and a whole day would be gone.

Beauty is skin deep but there are other attributes (about people) that are to the bones.  What I am talking about are human emotions, more specifically fear, pain, anger, etc.  Those deep seated emotions are parts of our psychological make up.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, anybody?

My fascinations with these human idiosyncrasies are exemplified by some of my previous postings like the internal fear, pain & perception, etc.  Check them out and see if you too would address me as Dr. Strangelove or else.

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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