The Human Experience


Visualize a tapestry full of colors.  As colorful as the eyes can discern.  And more.  The tapestry represents our human experiences.  And the color pallets that made up this tapestry are our emotions, from pain and suffering to bliss and joy.

In fact each of us is the artist to our own creation.   Given a clean sheet, we splash it with our emotional flairs.  Examine it closely and you can see spices of life woven together whether it is good, hard, fantastic, miserable, fulfilling, frustrating, etc.,  all manifested in this panoramic view of our human experiences.

But wait. The masterpiece is yet to complete.  Together life leaves us in awes and breathless.  At times, emotional roller coasters may have us confused. But life always leave us looking for more.  When you thought it could not get any better (or worse), someone will surprise you.

What is your masterpiece?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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