Free At Last

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My kids are back to college from the winter break finally.  And life is getting back to “normal.”   Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing them over the break, and their company (including their friends) makes the house more lively.  But enough is enough.

Extra trips to grocery store, mounts of laundries and dishes to wash, and not to mention their activities into the wee hours are examples of the past few weeks that I will not miss.  Call me selfish if you will.  I prefer the term “empty nester.”  Parenting has been great.  Being there and done that.

Yes, understand that we will always be parents as long as our child(ren) are around.  But after earning the stripes of the empty-nester, I feel that finally I can and should focus more on myself.  Whether it is meditation, tai-chi, or simply lounging around in my PJs, I am ready.


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