January Monthly Review

January ends in three days.  Not only this marks the first month in 2015 but also one month under my belt as a retiree.  I thought it would be appropriate to pause and reflect on my 2015 To Do list.

While it only has been a month, my life has taken an about face for the better.  The best way to describe it would be the proverbial “stop and smell the roses.”  My retirement has certainly been a catalyst to this change:

Putting my priorities in the driver seat.  I have more control of my time and am able to allocate my time to areas I deem important.  It is a good feeling to have that sense of control finally.  I am more conscious and accountable for my daily actions.  Not others.

Slowing down my pace and decompressing. Without the hustle and daily grind of the Washington shuffle, the cap on my pressure cooker has basically lifted.  This month I have begun my transition in earnest into the new chapter of my life. People often comment on how relaxed I look.  And without too much glowing that is truly how I feel.

Getting plenty of sleep and rid of the commute.  As you can tell, I am not a fan of long commute.  Before retiring I loath sleep deprivation.  It affects me in many aspects and was like a wet blanket constantly dragging on me. I have a 180 turnaround in this department.  I feel better.  No more drowsy driving. Definitely a win-win for me and other commuters.

It has only been one month, and there are other things on my to do list.  But as part of my planned transition, this certainly has been a great start.


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