What’s In A Title?

I am looking for a new title.  Yup. Not the Sir, King, or the sort.  But a title that I can label myself, now that I am retired.

For 32 years, I wore the title of a Civil Servant and lived and worked my life accordingly.  I understood my role and responsibilities.  In a sense, my title helped in defining who I was.

Now I need a title that is different.  A title that is creative and yet fitting.  The default choice of “Retiree” just not cutting it for me.  It is too plain, uninteresting, and ill fitting for what I am into (i.e. big data, business analytics).

Admittedly, there are many interesting titles abound.  Some pretty creative ones.  The ones close to what I like are: Data Scientist and Entrepreneur.  But I am open for suggestion.

What do you think?


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