Write Or Wrong

Writing is a skill.  A skill that is both personally and professionally challenging.

Writing challenges one’s personal intellect.   Trying to put thoughts and ideas into words and coherent sentences through writing is unique to each individual.  Some wants to write an outline or draft first, while others prefer stream of consciousness writing.  Writing process is unique to individual like finger prints.

Organizations exist to provide useful services or products.  In so doing, writing is one of the main vehicles in getting the business done.  Business professionals rely on writing to collaborate and share ideas, to advance concepts into proposals and outcomes.  Effective writing translates into competitive edge and business gain.  However, workplace training is often limited to technical writing.

In spite of the challenges, I like writing for the following reasons:

  • Writing is a learn-able skill and it improves with practice.  Writing is a personal intellectual challenge of getting ideas down on paper.  It is a skill developed over time with practice. Practice does not make it perfect but certainly easier.  And the computer has been a great tool for easily arranging words according to my thought flows.
  • Writing connects the mind and body. One of the less known benefits of writing is, like running, it engages both the mind and the body during the process.  How often does individual get to exercise that synaptic connection?  And it is liberating when it does. Oh what a feeling!
  • Writing captures thoughts and ideas.  Writing enables thoughts and ideas to be recorded when flash of genius moment occurs. As the Franklin Covey Style Guide puts it, ” thought does not survive well or long purely as brainwave.  And multiple thoughts vanish far too rapidly from the mind.”   So what better than to write it down?  Writing transforms the abstract into concrete and physical evidences.

What do you think about writing?

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2 Responses to Write Or Wrong

  1. Lucky Wreck says:

    I love what you said about writing connecting the mind and body. I’ve found that the more I write, the more I want to write. It seems like I get more ideas and more insights, almost like it’s keeping my mind in shape. Just like running. The more regularly I run, the more I want to run.

    Great post 🙂


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