Life’s Score

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Spoiler alert: potential morbid thoughts ahead.

At the end, memories is all we have.

By End, I mean end of life as in the final stretch of life, on one’s death bed, or at the final seconds of a television episode. However you define it.

When that moment arrives, it does not matter what worldly possessions you have – a big house, luxury car, Swiss bank account, or any other material wealth – the only thing, and I mean THE only thing, meaningful, is the memories you hold. Nothing else matters.

The memories may be good, bad, happy or sad, but in final form, they represent the spiritual essence of the moment. Whenever that may be.  If that happens to be the end of your life, oh well, your memories becomes your life’s score.  And Game over.

Given memories are unique, one’s life score can only be judged by oneself and no others.  I believe one’s life’s score approximates the meaning of life. We only live once. So, don’t mess it up.

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