Structured Life?

We all need structure in our life. Without structure, life can be chaotic or, dare I say, boring!

Structured life provides folks like me a sense of familiarity and a degree of comfort. Knowing there is predictability in my daily routines allows me to remain in control of my life and keep my sanity. To a point.

Of course too much of a good thing, you guessed it, has a tendency to cause opposite effects. The routines can become stale, and life flat. So the question is how much. How much structured life is enough without one feeling jailed, bored, or choked?

I wish that I have an answer. Wait! I do (at least for me). See if it makes sense to you:

In a structured life we develop routines. What to dress, where to go, when to go,etc. are examples. Routines require little brainpower (that is why they are routines). They help us coping with mundane chores and getting things done efficiently. All without much anxieties as long as we remain in control.

The moment when the our life is too automated, when we lose our presence of mind, when we become slaves to our routines, structured life starts to work against us. We begin to lose ourselves. That is when we need to bust loose, let go of the routines and allow life’s rhythm to take over. Time to restore that balance.

That is my answer. Hope it make sense.

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One Response to Structured Life?

  1. WalkToRio says:

    Makes perfect sense.
    I don’t like routine, but I need to have something to look forward too.


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